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Student Formula is a competition in design and construction of a single-seater car. It provides the opportunity for students to represent and develop their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm on the specific project of a racing car. They have a chance to unite all the knowledge acquired during the studies, experience working in a great team and acquaint with the economic side of constructing.
FSB Octane Team makes a group of 5 students who accepted the organization of Student Rally.

Student Rally is a competition of students of the University of Zagreb in evaluation-skilled ride (OSV or popular “slalom around cones”). The competition consists of 4 tests of skill and itineraries on the special route through the city. Examples of how it looks like, you can see in our website’s video section.
FSB Carting Cup is a competition where teams compete in skills and speed between themselves. Each team consists of four amateur drivers and they compete in carting prepared for this purpose on a separate track for carting. Cup consists of several races and teams are diverse: students, professors, employees and companies - partners and sponsors of FSB who use the race as a sort of team-building.